Kicker sizes
Small kicker’s flying distance is 3-5m,
middle kicker’s flying distance is 7-15m
super big kicker’s flying distance is 15-20m.
Among these kickers, the super big kicker is one of the largest off-snow kickers in the world.
This kicker is suitable for experts who practice tricks such us spins more than 900, double cork, and triple cork.
Water repellency
We, KINGS always water the artificial turf and mattresses to improve the sliding performance and to reduce friction.
Therefore skiers/snowboarder will get wet.
Please bring some spare clothes and towels.
The reception desk, shower room, and rest area are in the center house.
The rest rooms are located at the back of the shower room.
It costs 200 yen to use the shower.
Shampoo and body wash are provided. Please bring your own towel.
The rest area and changing room are located on the second floor.
TOYAMA KINGS GARDEN newly renewed since last year.
In the facility, break deck, DJ booth, BBQ space usage per person (500 yen).
Iron plate, net etc are available for rent. (The number is limited.).
Only customers with BBQ can use it free of charge in the waterway.

Toyama KINGS is a training facility for snowboarding and free style ski jumping.


31, Ashikuraji, Tateyama-machi, Nakaniikawa-gun, Toyama
TEL 076-482-1130


Please note the following:
The facility system of KINGS Group owns a patent.
A visit for the purpose of copying /producing the similar facilities is not accepted.