Dulling the edges & edge checking.
The board/ski edges need to be dull when sliding.
Our staff will check the edges whether it can be used or not, so please follow their instructions.
If our staff judge that the edges are not dull enough,
please allow our staff to finish up the edges.
If you bring board/skis to use only for KINGS,
our staff will gladly finish up the edges likewise, so please speak to the reception staff.
(edge detuning-approximately 5min)
※Boards/skis that have been detuned are practically impossible to use in the mountains during the winter.
Please bring boards/skis that you will no longer use in the mountains.
Edges that cannot be used.
・If there is a crack on the effective edge.
・If there are any metal or pointed parts that will scratch the mattress surface.
There are other edges that are not usable.
Checking broken gears is necessary to prevent any damages to the mattress.
Our facility cannot be opened when the mattresses are damaged.
Your cooperation would be greatly appreciated.
Gloves that are dangerous to use.
Gloves with any grip material on the palm are prohibited to prevent injuries.
Helmets are necessary.
Though mattresses are located at the landing point, falling on your head is extremely dangerous.
Please be sure to wear a helmet.
Brush lecture
We will give a brush lecture to learners who are using artificial turf for the first time.
In this lecture we will explain how to slide straight, how to turn left and right,
how to keep a stable position etc.

Toyama KINGS is a training facility for snowboarding and free style ski jumping.


31, Ashikuraji, Tateyama-machi, Nakaniikawa-gun, Toyama
TEL 076-482-1130


Please note the following:
The facility system of KINGS Group owns a patent.
A visit for the purpose of copying /producing the similar facilities is not accepted.